1. Support Board by taking monthly meeting minutes, preparing agenda and other documents for electronic distribution to Board before each monthly meeting;
  2. Update weekly VABI web sites and social media including the Urban Forest website
  3. Income and Expense filing: deposit in appropriate accounts any receivables as well as copy accountant, forward all invoices to accounting firm for processing.  Copies to be filed in appropriate folders.  Otherwise no accounting responsibility.\
  4. Donor Support: quickly respond to donations with thank you letterers and other acknowledgements for signature by President or themselves if approved by President.  Notify committee chairs involved with named donation.
  5. General Office Administration:  proficient with computer programs Word, Excel, and other platforms.  Open mail and route to appropriate VABI volunteer.  Keep VABI account current for Giving Challenge and other opportunities to solicit donations.  Maintain schedule for board room use by VABI and other community organizations.  Provide information to auditor assigned for annual audit.  Keep all other documents current such as Insurance, license tags for vehicles, and other required forms to maintain 501 c 3 status.


Responsibilities/work times:

Open and close the office 3 days a week.  Office hours are to be 9 to 3 pm with 1 hour paid lunch for a weekly billable of 24 hours (minimum of 18 hours/week).   Answer telephone calls and walk-in requests during office hours.  Notify Venice Public Works if maintenance is needed to building.

This position does not offer medical or annual paid leave, insurance, workers compensation or other benefits.  Compensatory time is allowed for time over 5 pm while taking Board Meeting Minutes.  Compensation time should be taken the next work day and will not be allowed to accumulate beyond one work day.

The above information is a general description of what we are looking for.  Of course, it goes without saying that a pleasant and outgoing personality is a plus since the Coordinator must deal with the public, government officials, and other Board members in pursuit of our mission to make Venice a more beautiful place to live, work, and play!

[email protected]. or Call for questions: (941) 207-8224