Public Art Projects.

  • Beautiful Murals

    Breathing life into our streetscapes & city buildings

  • Incredible Statues

    Adding tangible community assets that provoke community pride.

  • Endangered Animal Bonze Sculptures

    These beautiful bronze sculptures were donated by VABI Public Art to the Arboretum, helping to make our shared history manifest in these real life likenesses and promote the learning environment that is cultivated at Monty Andrews Arboretum.

Bringing our City to Life

“Four Seasons and Lions” Sculptures located around Venice Island on West Venice Ave. and Venezia Park. ~Artist: Italia Art World

“Sharing Paradise in Venice” these canvases are hanging in VABI board room and is the mural on Venice Theatre East facing wall. ~Artist: BJ Carson

Enriching Our Environment

”Merkids”: Tile artwork found in Centennial Park near the Children’s Fountain. ~Artist: Catherine Beausoleil along with student artists.

“Endangered Animal Sculptures” Located in West Blalock Park. ~Artist: Thomas Prochnow for Panther

Opportunities for Professional Artists

“Circus Mural” Wall of Circus Art near the south bridge on the Island of Venice. ~Artist: Frances Smith

“Venice Remembered” Mural seen coming onto Venice Island on the middle Venice Ave. Bridge, located on the Venice Gondolier Building. ~Artist: Coleen Henry

“Maria” Little Italian bronze statue located on Venice Ave.

Civic Engagement & Connection

Venice Area Beautification Inc. installed beautiful ‘Four Seasons’ statues around downtown Venice Through the dedication of Jean Trammell and Lynn Field. These statues came to fruition in 2016. Three lions were also installed in Venezia Park.

“Healing in the Enchanted Garden is a spectacular 3D mural painted at Founder’s Way on the side of the Green Parrot Restaurant on W. Venice Ave. Escape in the breathtaking details and enjoy. ~Artist: Joseph Barron