Venice Urban Forest.

  • A Habitat for Wildlife, Butterflies & Birds

  • An Oasis of Relaxation & Peace for People of All Ages

Green Spaces

Research shows that cities with healthy community forests are more resilient, have cleaner air and water, are healthier and happier.

Tree Planting

Because trees clean our water, provide food and shelter to wildlife, relieve stress and help clean the air we breathe.


The Venice Urban Forest project is restoring an abandoned railway site into a forest filled with native trees and understory for the enjoyment of nature by visitors.

Bird Habitat

We will be installing two Scrub Jay Habitats in Phase 2, providing rest and habitat to the Forida native and endangered Scrub Jay, as well as many other bird species.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterflies are important pollinators and impact the whole environment.. Venice Urban Forest is home to four beautiful butterfly gardens.

Community Education

Educate our community about the vital importance of trees and inspire people to become stewards of our green environment.